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Children Helping Children

Young people sharing hope and solidarity with the world’s poorest children


Thanks to young people living out our motto Children Helping Children, the Missio family can support millions of the world’s poorest children every year. This is done when girls and boys in over 120 countries, including Ireland, offer solidarity and hope through their prayers and donations. As a result, thousands of children’s projects, led by missionaries, are supported. These missionaries, who are living out their faith through action, know the value of every donation they receive as they try to help everyone they can regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.


Children Helping Children is a beautiful exchange of friendship and faith – while schoolchildren here in Ireland may fundraise for girls and boys overseas, the children they are supporting also share by keeping Irish children in their prayers. We are so grateful for the generosity shown by children in Ireland because it has allowed us to send life-giving aid to many missionary-led projects around the world.


100% of donations received from children in Ireland is sent to projects overseas. We report on how these funds were spent in our Annual Review.

To find out how you can get involved, or if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at [email protected] or call us on +353 (0)1 497 2035

The Impact Children in Ireland are Making

Food and Clothing

Providing children with the food and clothing they need to live healthy and dignified lives

Safe Shelter

Offering safe shelter for the growth and development of vulnerable children

Sanitation and Hygiene

Making the right to clean water available by building wells, boreholes, and toilets, and educating children on water hygiene

Medical Care

Giving children the chance of healthier futures by providing basic and advanced medical care

Places to Learn and Play

Offering brighter futures through education and play by building and maintaining schools, nurseries and playgrounds

Spiritual Wellbeing

Bringing faith to life through Sunday schools, prayer, celebrations and practical materials

Different ways you can help

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Join a Mission Team to raise awareness of mission in your community.

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Donate today, become a regular supporter, or leave a life-giving gift in your Will.

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Use the power of prayer to support mission at home and overseas.